Yaahhh!! Can't Wait To See You At The Party!
We Will Have a Kickin' Great Time!

Awesome Kids Birthday Parties
in Charlotte

Have you ever RELAXED at your child's birthday party? That's the norm here at Charlotte - All you have to do is bring the kids and the cake. Our amazing instructors will take care of everything else. Because our parties here in Charlotte are so engaging, you are free to help out as much as you’d like… or sit back, relax, and watch the kids have fun! Bonus? The birthday girl or boy gets to cut their cake with a REAL Samurai Sword!

Martial Arts Classes
in Charlotte

It's about so much more than punches and kicks- martial arts at Charlotte is all about FUN! And here's our sneaky ninja secret- while the kids are learning new skills and having fun with their friends, they're actually improving their focus and discipline, fostering respect and confidence, and learning how to do better in school! It's truly amazing.